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Be sure to watch or set your TV to record!

TV Premiere Times In Your City:
Boston, MA
January 20, 2014            8:00pm                WGBH World
January 21, 2014            2:00pm                WGBH World
San Francisco, CA
January 21, 2014              11:00am*             KQED World
*Bay Area primetime broadcast in March, details coming soon!

Los Angeles, CA
January 20, 2014             9:00pm               PBS SoCal World
January 21, 2014             11:00am             PBS SoCal World

New York City, NY
January 20, 2014             8:00pm              WLIW World
January 21, 2014             2:00pm              WLIW World

Chicago, IL
January 20, 2014            7:00pm               WTTW Create

New Orleans, LA
January 20, 2014            7:00pm                WYES World
January 21, 2014            1:00pm                WYES World